The Rhön is one of the most impressive natural treasures of all: anyone walking here can look out over kilometres of lush green mountain meadows, craggy basalt rocks, mysterious moors, valuable biotopes and unspoilt primeval forests. The flagship for active tourists and those seeking peace and quiet is the Hochrhöner – a premium trail that has already been awarded the title of Germany’s most beautiful hiking trail. Also popular are its “extra tours”, smaller circular trails on the Hochrhöner or many other excellently developed themed and activity hiking trails. Visitors can get the perfect panoramic view from the “Noah’s Sail” viewing platform on the Ellenbogen at a lofty height of almost 840 metres. The spectacular wooden construction can be left again via an impressive slide. With the “Rhön Ark” in the “Rhönwald World of Experience”, another new tourist offer for families has been created in the heart of the Rhön Biosphere Reserve, on the Weidberg, with a mix of environmental education and active experience.
In addition to the unique landscape, two particularly attractive and family-friendly excursion destinations await guests in the Hohe Rhön. The 21-metre-high Noah’s Sail viewing platform offers a fantastic panoramic view of the Rhön – even far into the Bavarian and Hessian parts of the biosphere reserve. The highlight for young visitors is a fast dry slide. In addition to the view from the Weidberg, the Rhönwald adventure world offers numerous hands-on activities. The attraction on the site is the Rhön Ark, an interactive visitor centre in the shape of a ship. Its interior invites visitors on an exciting journey of discovery through the animal and plant world of the Rhön. The Brewery Museum in Kaltennordheim is the perfect place for beer fans.
At Rhönblick (Rhön view), the name says it all: The landscape is an absolute eye-catcher, and not just at flowering time. A real tip is a hike up the Hohe Geba. The popular excursion mountain with a height of 751 metres offers a panoramic view far into the entire Rhön region as well as into the Thuringian Forest. The Geba plateau with its Rhön cultural garden and adventure playground is transformed into a highly frequented observation site at night. Astronomy fans can view the unspoilt night sky on appropriate platforms in the Rhön Star Park. Another popular destination is the Fasanerie hunting lodge in Hermannsfeld with its adjacent game reserve. Architecturally, the church of Helmershausen, built in the 18th century, stands out – popularly referred to as the “Cathedral of the Rhön”.
Sternenpark Rhön
Thousands of stars twinkle in the firmament, the Milky Way stretches across the sky as a white band and, with a bit of luck, a shooting star flashes – mysterious and magical at the same time. The Rhön is one of the few regions where you can admire intact night landscapes without light pollution, an eldorado for photographers and stargazers alike. In 2014, the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Rhön was designated an International Star Park by the Dark Sky Association. To make the night really enjoyable, there are special sky viewing sites on the Hohe Geba and at the Erlebniswelt Rhönwald and astronomical guided tours – by day and by night.


Bild: © Philipp Speer
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