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Thuringian Forest

169 kilometres of impressive nature and its own hymn: The Rennsteig is Germany’s oldest long-distance hiking trail and the Thuringians have even dedicated a song to their impressive high-altitude trail – the Rennsteiglied. Along the way in the Thuringian Forest, there are always wonderful viewpoints, idyllic places like the mountain lake Ebertswiese and places to stay for a while like the winter sports stronghold Oberhof.

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The mountain town is the ideal starting point for visiting the famous Inselsberg and hiking the Rennsteig. There is also a large amusement park with numerous rides – the Inselsberg Funpark – and an indoor swimming pool also named after the 916-metre-high peak. Not far from the Trusetal waterfall, the highest of its kind in the Thuringian Forest, little men with pointed hats have been in charge since 1996. They are the namesakes of another small leisure park…


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A mystical mountain lake and its own geopark: idyllically situated at the foot of the Rennsteig, the municipality of Floh-Seligenthal has a lot to offer. Its highlight is the mountain lake Ebertswiese at an altitude of 780 metres – surrounded by rocks up to 30 metres high. Discover how a cowbell made it into the Guinness Book of Records in the village of Kleinschmalkalden.

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Below the Hallenburg – an imposing castle ruin – there is plenty to experience. For example, in the metal craft museum, where you can experience the tradition of iron processing. The surrounding mountains invite you to go on great hiking and climbing tours or just to relax. With such perfect conditions, even a well-known Olympic champion with striking red hair feels right at home in the Haseltal…


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Every year, around 400,000 visitors dive into an exotic underwater world in this tranquil little town surrounded by beautiful nature. Sharks, piranhas and crocodiles can be seen in the marine aquarium. We also recommend the town’s museums, which feature, among other things, the art of gunsmithing and weapons manufacturing in Zella-Mehlis. Experiments await young and old explorers in the Explorata hands-on world. By the way, the best view visitors enjoy from Zella-Mehlis’ local mountain with a well-known hut where you can stop for a bite to eat…

Climbing experience Thuringian Forest

The Thuringian Forest is a real paradise for climbers. The climbing area 12 Apostel-Felsen on the southern slope above the village of Oberschönau is very popular due to its sunny and exposed location. Sport climbers in particular will get their money’s worth on the perfectly secured routes with different levels of difficulty.
The Trusetaler Hauptgang is a new top spot in the climbing landscape of the Thuringian Forest. Climbing takes place here in a rocky gorge created by mining. The entry areas have been lovingly prepared to be family and child-friendly and also invite “non-climbers” to linger and be amazed.

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