Photo walk through the Prachtregion:
Instagrammers raise undreamt-of treasures

Dreamlike places of longing with hotspot potential: Whether it’s the Pfanntalsteich, burnt stone, Knüllfeld Ruppberg or Schützenbergmoor – the region around Oberhof has it all. The two bloggers Dennis Schmelz and Tobias Wagner also experienced this in July. On behalf of the district of Schmalkalden-Meiningen, they were on the road as part of this year’s influencer campaign in the Rennsteig stronghold as well as in Zella-Mehlis and Steinbach-Hallenberg. “Although I’ve visited these places umpteen times, I was surprised at how many new spots I was able to discover on this photo tour, especially because the radius was much smaller than usual – so I had to be much more precise with the deal with the area in order to find varied and new perspectives,” says Dennis Schmelz, who as a videographer has often produced clips in the region – and yet discovered many great motifs only now on an e-bike and hiking tour. “There are many beautiful places in Thuringia, but most of the time you always go back to your well-known favorite spots,” says the Erfurter, whose photographic spirit of discovery was further awakened by the photo walk in the magnificent region.  “That’s why I found it really exciting to concentrate on a special region and to discover new spots.” More than 70,000 people follow his Instagram channel.

“The crumple field around Steinbach-Hallenberg really impressed me. The green mountain meadows are reminiscent of the Allgäu. I’ve actually never been here before and I’m still totally enthusiastic,” says Schmelz. “I particularly liked the view from the Großer Hermannsberg, from here you can see as far as the Hessian and Bavarian Rhön and you can also see my old home – the potash mountains near Heringen in the Werra region.” The Ruppberg is now an old acquaintance, says Schmelz. “Since my first visit a few years ago, I’ve been photographing the sunrise here regularly and enjoy one of the few 360-degree views over Thuringia.”

Discovered fantastic photo spots in the magnificent region: the photo bloggers Tobi Wagner and Dennis Schmelz.

The region was previously relatively unknown to Tobias Wagner from Weimar. “One often drove to Saxon Switzerland without even knowing that Thuringia also has such wonderful rocky landscapes,” he enthuses. The two influencers chose the spots themselves – through research on the Internet or discovered by chance on the go. “In the magnificent region, a lot of value is placed on creativity – that’s how you get the best results,” says Wagner, whose Instagram channel has around 22,000 users. have subscribed. “Just explore the landscape in a certain environment – that’s exactly what brought us to great places and sometimes forced us to take on small hurdles. The reward was mostly a great photo spot and a great view.” You can see this for yourself on the Instagram channels of “dennis Schmelz” and “tobi_wagner”.

Dennis Schmelz and Tobi Wagner would like to thank the Splendor Region team of the District Office, the Oberhof Tourist Information Office, the Schlossberghotel Oberhof and the Germina Sports World (e-bike rental) for the unforgettable stay in the magnificent region. The tourist information offices in Zella-Mehlis and Steinbach-Hallenberg also provided organizational support.

After the influencer Jörg Non (JN) from Berlin, the travel blogger Chris Lippert from vielunterwegs (, the Hamburg photo blogger Thomas Christians (themodernleper), Oliver Hlavaty from Schmalkalden (oliverhlavatyphotography), Dennis Schmelz and Tobias Wagner now visited the magnificent region. Nina Zasche ( completed the campaign at the beginning of August , who looked at Meiningen and its surroundings.